Counting Salesforce Lightning Files Linked to any Object

Here’s a quick solution for anyone who needs to count the number of files attached to a Salesforce object. There are two relevant standard objects that attach a file to a record: ContentDocument, which contains info about the document itself, and ContentDocumentLink, which sticks it to your object. The following class takes a set of […]

Automating Emails to Opportunity Contact Roles

UPDATED June 3, 2018 – you can now add email addresses to cc or bcc in the configuration step. See updated code. The Opportunity Contact Role is an odd beast, perhaps because it exists largely for information purposes in the B2B sales world for which Salesforce is built, but takes on weightier roles in nonprofit […]

Resources on Google AdWords and AdGrants

For years, Google has given qualifying nonprofits a $10,000 monthly allowance to use Google AdWords to market their organization and work. The grants were limited by the amount you were allowed to bid for your ad placements, which made it challenging to compete with actual paid advertisers, but also asked little of the organizations — […]