Member contact info update for RVATech

(Visualforce/Apex/MemberNation Salesforce app)

RVATech was spending too much staff time managing member renewals and address changes. For the member renewals, Embrace Your Data built a new membership form that handles new members and offers renewal without the need to log in, like the one I built for the League of American Bicyclists.

To handle address and contact updates, we added a new process that allows member lookup, which then sends a link to the member’s primary contact to access the address update page.

Sending the link protects account privacy and helps avoid frivolous submissions. 

Following the link brings the user to this form, where existing organizational contact info is provided for editing, along with a list of all affiliated contacts. Contacts can be added, updated, removed from the account, and/or switched to primary.

When the form is submitted, it creates an Account Update record in Salesforce – once staff approve the update, the new values are updated to the Account and Contact records.


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