Another Use Case for Hidden Hyperlinks

Imagine, if you will, a matrix report. . . You’re grouping by Account, but pulling in the Account Name via the Report Type layout, or perhaps a cross-object formula. And what happens? All your Brown Households get smooshed into one big Brown Household. A very generous household, based on the data, but not a very […]

Hidden Hyperlink and the Secret Sorting

I was designing a multi-year Donations matrix report based on an April – March fiscal year, with close date by fiscal month as the column headers, and fiscal years as the rows. One difficulty here is that Salesforce doesn’t want to put close date in both the column and the row headers, so I first […]

Supercharging your Salesforce Email Templates

For all of the awesome features and power of Salesforce, it doesn’t take an admin very long to run into something bafflingly underpowered. Like, for instance, email templates. Automated emails are easy to trigger based on sophisticated criteria, but giving those emails the personalized touches expected in this day and age? Not so straightforward.

Permissions, Sharing, and Roles, Oh My! Basic Salesforce Security for Nonprofit Admins

Security and data access in Salesforce are controlled via a powerful and difficult-to-master set of tools. Profiles, permission sets, roles, role hierarchy, sharing settings, and page layouts are all part of the toolbox. They offer different capabilities, but also overlap and interact in ways that can be difficult to wrap your head around.

As part of my work to simplify the permissions and security regime for a forty-seat nonprofit organization, I put together this basic primer on these tools, in hopes of offering ways into this intimidating and mystifying terrain. This guide is written with the small-to-medium sized nonprofit in mind.