From my early days in dBase and Access forward, I have been tapping data’s power for social change. Embrace your Data, LLC, can assist you in bringing your technology in line with your mission and passion, and bring your fundraising and communications goals within reach.

This process involves:

  • Understanding the needs of organizational staff, volunteers, and other stakeholders,
  • Reviewing and documenting current processes and data,
  • Mapping new processes, and
  • Setting up the technological tools to support this human work.

Specific services include:

Salesforce administration Whether you need short-term assistance, or a long-term partnership, I can help. You can choose regular office hours (remotely or in your office), or on-call assistance. Services include everyday essentials like user-management, reports, help desk, data uploads and duplicate management, as well as assistance with public forms, selecting and installing apps, process automation, and strategic use of the platform.

Salesforce implementation and development: Salesforce offers great power and flexibility, but tapping that power requires deep knowledge of the platform. Whether you are just getting started with Salesforce, or need temporary or ongoing help with an existing installation, I can help.

System planning and implementation: Whether you are building custom tools, using an existing tool, or some combination of both, you need a plan for mapping your own processes onto the tool, transitioning, and then training staff. I will develop an understanding of your work and processes, and then work with tool providers or other vendors to make sure that your needs and priorities are met by the new system, not just shoehorned into an existing module that doesn’t quite fit.

System migration project management: Migrating from your old system to a new one is a huge challenge. I can provide an independent liaison between your staff and your vendor, making sure your requirements are implemented and your milestones are met, while freeing your staff for their other responsibilities.

Data import: Moving data is a daunting task, whether you’re migrating systems or just integrating new data sources. I am skilled at grooming data for import, and making sure it gets to the right place.

Data system selection: There are lots of systems marketed to nonprofit organizations. All of them will look fantastic in a vendor demo. Finding a true fit for the long term, requires a more deliberate organizationally-focused process. This starts with recording and prioritizing all current and hoped-for processes before looking at potential solutions. Once needs and budgets are clear, I will narrow your choices to a few suitable systems. When we move into the demo phase, I will make sure that demos are structured around your needs, and that priority functions are explored in detail.